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To schedule a FREE Diagnosis Check !


To schedule a FREE Diagnosis Check !



Transmissions Plus & General Automotive not only specializes in Transmission Repair. But we also offer Complete Auto repair . Handling everything from diagnosis to general maintenance. We are here for all of your automotive needs. If you have a bad Brake system, Muffler, or Electrical components, contact our mechanics today. Not sure what might be wrong with your vehicle? Let our team figure it out. With affordable pricing and Financing available, there is no better option than Transmission Plus & General Automotive.


We deal with everything that can possibly go wrong with Brakes. Anything that damages the Brake reliability on your car is dangerous and we can repair. If you find yourself hearing squealing noises at each traffic light, your car might be due for a visit with our Expert Mechanics. 


 One of the most important parts on your car is the Muffler. If you are noticing your MPG lowering, you might be having a Muffler issue.  Its very important to keep your muffler well maintained. We offer a Full Service Muffler Shop , providing muffler repair as well as muffler replacement. 


A General Maintenance routine can save you money and reduce the risk of vehicle breakdown. Allow Transmission Plus & General Automotive, to handle all your vehicle's maintenance needs today. 


 Have you noticed your vehicle running hotter than usual? This is a common sign of a Radiator leak. If you suspect that your Radiator is leaking, contact our shop today.  If Radiator repairs are neglected, they will almost certainly result in needing a replacement.


 We understand that some repairs can be costly. Our Automotive Repair shop offers free towing for major repairs in order to help keep the repairs affordable for our valued customers.


If you are new to Maryland or just purchased a new Used car, you may need your State Inspection. Allow Transmissions Plus & General Automotive, to handle that today! We can also provide you with a Free Diagnosis Check to make sure that your new used vehicle is in great condition to drive on the road. 

We are the most affordable! 

We understand how difficult it can be to trust a new local mechanic with your vehicle. But we will meet and beat any written estimate from another local company. We are dedicated to providing you with the best and most affordable service. Contact us now for your Free diagnosis!

Low-Risk Financing 

Vehicle repairs can be costly! If you need your car, truck, or SUV, operational now and can't afford it call Transmission Plus and General Automotive and we will work with you. 

Our team is able to connect you with low risk creditors to help you get your car back on the road quickly and stress-free. We are able to work with a variety of credit scores and offer affordable interest rates making us a great choice for your auto repair loan.