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To Schedule a FREE Diagnosis Check!


To Schedule a FREE Diagnosis Check!



 If you are having issues with your gears sticking or slipping, or  hearing unusual noises, call our team today. We will quickly assess the problem with your transmission system and will get to work fast, getting you back on the road in no time. Our transmission shop is knowledgeable in servicing manual or automatic transmissions. Car repairs such as transmission work may be unsettling, but our team is here to help. Sometimes Transmission issues can cause other issues with you car. We offer General Auto services as well. Allow Transmission Plus to handle all your mechanical needs.  

Transmission Repaire

Often with a Transmission repair, you are only fixing one specific part of the Transmission. This repair can take place without having to rebuild the entire Transmission. This option typically costs less than a rebuild or a replacement. However, this option is often not available as there maybe too much damage done to your Transmission.


When you replace your Transmission, all of the parts are replaced not just the parts that have failed or worn out. This is an option for Transmissions that cannot be rebuilt because they are too damage


Transmission maintenance is frequently required to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently. A number of services should be performed during routine Transmission maintenance to ensure all components are properly in good and solid shape. 


A Transmission rebuilds is where the entire Transmission is taken apart and inspected. Any worn, failed, or damaged parts are replaced, reassembled and replaced back into your car. Transmission rebuilds are custom for each individual car and our Transmission Specialist are fully knowledgeable to assist you in all your needs. 

Low-Risk Financing 

Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive jobs done by any mechanic. If you need your car, truck, or SUV, operational now and can't afford it call Transmission Plus and General Automotive and we will work with you. 

Our team is able to connect you with low risk creditors to help you get your car back on the road quickly and stress-free. We are able to work with a variety of credit scores and offer affordable interest rates making us a great choice for your auto repair loan.